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My New German Supermodel (Need Moped Help)


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Hi All-


Scanning Craig's List Sunday, I spotted a 1984 Puch Austro Daimler moped, and instantly memories of my youth flooded back into the forefront of my mind. I was an Italian moped fan at 15, having owned a Motomarina Sebring which I souped up to go 55mph. All my friends were German riders, Puch specifically.


These days, the Italian bikes are gone, but old Puchs (like old BMWs) live on. The particular model was co-designed by Porsche, so the story goes, and features many upgrades from the standard fare, such as a swingarm mounted engine for less vibration. Looks like this:




This one's not mine - haven't taken pics yet, but you get the idea. Anyway, she needs a few odds and ends. Anyone have a line on a good source for Puch parts? Speedo cable, some hardware - ntohing major. She cost me only $300 but I think onece I fix her up she'll fetch more than twice that.



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Ah yes, Puch. My first bike was a 1972 Puch moped with 3 speeds on the grip, 33mph tops. I rode it about 3600 miles over southern England, commuting to work every day for a couple of years until I could afford the mighty CB175.

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Hey you gotta watch out posting stuff in the subject line like "German Supermodel". I nearly sprained my mouse

finger. :rofl:


I thought Puch were Austrian, not German. So perhaps an Austrian Supermodel?

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Nice, but THIS were the Puchs of my youth. Every high school's 'bicycle shed' would have a fair number of them. Only for the 'wealthy', mind you.

And they were the 'rebels' of the moped crowd. The other 'camp' would ride Kreidlers and other so-called 'belly sliders' that would usually do some 60-70 mph after 'work' was done on them. :-)




The little yellow shield on the front means it is a 'brommer', i.e. a bicycle with assistant motor, and only allowed a maximum speed of 40 km/h ... yeah right ... LOL !!!


And searching the Internet for that picture, I also found the 'moped' I owned, a sedate, Dutch Batavus, that most colleagues would laugh about. It could do barely 60 and was difficult to modify. It served me for many years though... mine as blue and cream. :-)




Alright, one more LINKY

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"allowed a maximum speed of 40 km/h . .."

In my youthful days in the Netherlands, it was only 30 kph as I was reminded more than a few times by local constables.

I had to give up my Garrelli cafe racer, which pushed 110, for a high barred Puch that could get up to about 50 with a good tail wind wind. Fun days.


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