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The Rain In Southern Utah!

Bob Palin

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It's been raining hard for 4 days down south now with a couple more days forecast. Zion NP was evacuated this morning and is closed until further notice due to flooding. The river is running at 5000cfs, normal for this time of year is 40-50cfs. The town of Rockville to the south of Zion is being evacuated because an earthen dam upstream is leaking half way up and is expected to fail, 1900 acre feet of water, that's 600 million gallons or 5 billion pounds of water.


60 miles west of Torrey in Richfield they had 14" of snow in the last 24 hours, we have only had some light rain, the mail didn't get here today because of all the snow to the west.


Think this was taken near St George which has declared a state of emergency.

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Sure makes river front property seem like a good idea. Seems no one ever looks at the high water marks when building or developing.

Same here is So Cal.

Glad your mail man finally got up the hill. any new X mas catalogs?

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"Surgin' Virgin" :rofl: I guess it's a Utah thang.


That's some crazy weather down South. I hope that river near your place stays where it should, Bob.

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I hope that river near your place stays where it should, Bob.
The Fremont is running pretty well but it's deep in a channel here. We walked down to it this morning, could hear it as soon as we left the house.
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Any word on damage in Zion?
Lots of damage to the roads, park probably won't be open until after new years.


It seems that the suspect dam has been inspected and is holding up well.

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