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From '04 1150RT to '11 1200RT - Maintenance differences?


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I have maintained my 1150 for 70K miles and want a new 1200. What are the BIG (if any) differences in maintenance? I intend to do ALL scheduled maintenance ... is that as reasonable as it has been with the 1150?


Thanks all ... I hope to be spending a lot of time in this forum soon :wave:

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Much the same except for the valves. You will find they hold their set quite a long time. Look here for how to mess with them.


The brakes are easy now as they are a straight forward bleed from the reservoirs like normal systems. No tricky working with the ABS unit.

And the synchronizing tuning is now only done by keeping the proper slack in the cable system. All adjustment is done with cables no air brass screw. The bikes computer resets the idle stepper motors each start up sequence.

So, in general, it is much easier to maintain yourself in my opinion.

Buy the bike and you will be amazed at how great it is. The torque curve is lower and fun. beech

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wait for the 1600 heh


Not if the goal is easy maintenance, ha ha.


Beech got it right. Valve adjustments are different, but doesn't look any harder.


Flushing the brake system has been streamlined, now only having 3 bleed screws (1 per caliper) rather than the NINE you get with the servo brakes.

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Thanks Beech - I have't ridden one yet but am planning a 7K westward adventure early this summer. I am confident that my '04 would make the trip in style but what the hell ... only do this earthly thing once. I do enjoy maintaining my RT and looks like I'll enjoy maintaining my new one.



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I might join this thread if i may, as I've just come off my 04 RT & onto 09 RT 'SE' (3 days ago) & I'm happy to share my first impressions of the new bike.


The most notable improvement is the light & smooth gearbox, I would argue that it's lighter to change than a Japanese gearbox. The gear ratio's are different to the 04, around town it's difficult to engage 6th gear as it's a little tall so you seem to spend most of the time in 4th or 5th which takes a little time to get used to it. Then comes the difference in weight, not huge but noticeable when moving the bike around, the 09 goes over much easier. No noticeable difference in handling around town, I have yet to hit country riding.


The engine appears similar in power but the bike seems smoother & much more quiet all round - haven't pin pointed anything as yet, probably several small things that make the difference in this area.


Now to the 'gadgets' department - there simply isn't any comparison back to the 04. I can start with the ESA function (for those that have that function) & the list just keeps going on right down to the dash lights that go on in the dark & self canceling blinkers. This area of the bike on it's owns warrants the update. I'm enjoying all the computer functions the bike offers, there is plenty to keep you entertained. The panniers are also slightly bigger which will be a positive when touring.



All in all, I would consider the 09 a significant step forward to the 04 in many areas & i'm very happy with the bike & would recommend the bike to anyone.


However the only 2 negative areas (if that) between the 2 bikes are IMO - the 04 stock rider seat is better & i did enjoy the servo brakes over the non servo brakes (only the application, not the servicing).


Like many on the forum i enjoy servicing my own bikes & the 09 appears similar in most areas with plenty more electronic gadgets to it. The one area that i will need more information on is how to address the 'SERVICE' warning that comes on at the dash...will this require a trip to the dealer to be canceled?


Cheers & happy new year




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