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Cliff's Cycle Revolution bought by Max BMW


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Read an article yesterday detailing the changing of ownership of an excellent dealer in CT. Apparently Cliff LaMotta (hope I got the spelling right) sold the dealership to Max BMW but Cliff still owns the building.

Hope this all works out OK, as Cliff's is one of only two BMW dealers in CT still in existence, and Gengras apparently wants to be a Harley-Davidson dealer much more than a BMW dealer.

I have done business with both Cliff and Max and both are class acts in my opinion.


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Agree - I purchased my RT from Max last Feb. I was treated fairly on price/trade-in (the 1,400-mile round trip is evidence of that) and delivery went as smooth as could be. +1 for Max.

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I've been to Cliff's to see Glen Heggstad speak and cover that event for motomags, and I bought my wife's 1996 R850R from Max this past year. Both places were excellent to deal with in my opinion.



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I would think also that the overhead on his new building was catching up with him as the economy closed down. MAX is a much more aggressive dealership with their web presence and can spread their overhead over a greater number of unit sales. The CT location also brings MAX into the greater NY metro area with a larger motorcycle rider base to sell to.


I remember when Cliff first opened his dealership and was aplying some of the business management techniques he learned from other businesses to improve on the traditional "motorcycle shop" management and marketing practices. Lots of energy and enthusiasm.


Hopefully he will land sucessfully on his feet with Harley and a potentially larger rider and unit sales base.

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