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Scorpion Flip Helmet


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I tried a Scorpion flip helmet with the air bladder around the neck. I'm wondering what the boards experience is with this helmet for fit, noise/quiet and fitting mic/earphones

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EXO 900

Air Bladder works to snug it.

Shield is no fog and works.

Venting seems ok.

Use earplugs and E6's work fine.

Chin screen functional.

So far I like it and chose Hi-Viz which works too.

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EXO-900, I have had it just over 18 months, I got one of the first to reach the yammi dealer in Middle Tennessee...


2 broken trim rings,

1-broken "flip mech" that lifts the lid.

2-broken internal shield movement mech.


I have sent the helmet back twice and Scorpion sent me parts twice....

I like the helmet but they didn't do enough R&D before putting it on the market IMHO..

I am still using it though....

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