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New rider in the family


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Our 19-year old son Steven took the MSF safety class recently, got his license, and just bought himself a 2008 Suzuki GS500F. He's very excited about it all. We can't wait to go on some rides with him.



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Eileen said the next challenge is finding enough garage space.


We managed to get it in there, but we had to take the side cases off of our bikes so that it can fit between them. Seven vehicles for four people now - sheesh!



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Good start- reasonable machine for today though I suspect almost all of us leaned on smaller, slower stuff.

Looks like he's got enough sense to have good gear- now all he needs is to survive enough of those inevitable close calls in the first 5 or 10K until he really gets his head adjusted to a bike instead of a cage.

Nothing like getting out together to maybe prevent learning the hard way- have always thought it close to divine intervention that I survived my first couple years with little to no assistance or training from anyone (a long ago in the 60s before helmet laws and mc licenses).

Let him practice leading some after he gets used to small group rides.

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Looks like he's got enough sense to have good gear- now all he needs is


Great, congratulations. Looks like some boots might be in order to complete his initial gear outfit.

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The helmet, gloves and jacket are his B-day present from us, the pants are Kevin's spare pair. He knows he needs new boots, at least those have some ankle protection... We went on a quick family ride yesterday as the temp approached 49. He looked comfortable on the road following his dad. He had good lane awareness and use of signals. And a big grin the whole time! A good start.

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