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Front brake caliper dragging when walking it into the garage??


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This is a new to me RT. When I push the bike into the garage and turn the bars Ihear the calipers/pads pretty bad on the rotors it is louder in reverse for some reason and when the bars are straight there is no dragging at all.



I have replaced the pads with hawk HH pads recently but did not really ride or move the bike before those were installed so I have no comparison.

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Put the bike on the centerstand and rotate the front wheel by hand. Does it spin easily? Some drag is normal, it's suppose to turn like 2 more revs after letting it go.


Two winters ago I changed the brake hoses on my GS. I was riding it during winter on salty roads. The L/H/S caliper pistons were stuck! On the R/H side only one piston was moving.


Since I had them off, I pressed the pistons using a large wrench and it got un-stuck. Then I sprayed plenty of brake spray in there and it went back to normal ;)



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Like Dan and Jerry I use brake cleaner and a toothbrush to clean the pistons whenever I change the pads.


A smear of silicone grease doesn't go amiss either.

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You PUSH your bike into the garage :grin:

My driveway is uphill, I wish I could push the bike in. It's the last adventure after a ride for me.

Garage open: check

Path clear : check

Pets secure: check

Tallyho :D

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Mine does that too. I don't see any issue...my pads are good, the brakes work very well.


I rack it up to the floating discs being just loose enough to rub on the pads when the wheel is leaned over one way or the other.



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