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Kids' Nite


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Kids' Nite is one of the really great things in our lives. Our home used to be the place where our son's friends all gathered, and it didn't seem right to close up shop when he left for college, then the Army. So, every Tuesday (with rare exceptions), we celebrate Kids' Nite. The crowd varies from two or three, to a dozen or more. Most are friends of our son, but any of the neighborhood kids who want to show up are welcome, too. Last night we had 15.



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We used to do that, too. Often parents would call us to find out where their kids were.


Been there. :grin: Occasionally, we'd come home and find some of the gang hanging out at our place, even though Alex wasn't around. That doesn't happen as often these days, but it's one of the best feelings in the world.




They still stop by, which we love.





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I can only imagine our world if every neighborhood had a couple households like yours.


I just think we have parental responsibilities to all the kids whose lives we touch. But there's nothing noble about Kids' Nite . . . we just do it because it's fun and we love these kids.


And, while I'm at it, I'll brag a little on "my" kids: Our son is an Army officer. Others who were there include some exceptional students, a nurse, a PR manager for a food pantry, and an elementary school teacher. These are actually kind of tough times for young people--they've grown up and are coming of age in a time when good jobs are tough to find and moral dilemmas abound. For most of them, terrorism, war and strife have formed the backdrop of the world that they've known since elementary school days. Yet, the ones I know are forging ahead. They're fine young men and women.


A few slices of pizza is a very small way of letting them know someone cares about them.

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We do kids nights alot here. I do have a beautiful 17 yr old daughter. It keeps me young. Mostly the kids who come over are kids from my congregation. We do pizza and a movie, or we bbq burgers or some carne asada and see who can do the best dive off of my diving board. Sometimes we end up just hanging out and chatting for the night.


I try to stay really involved with the youth that are in my life. Alot of them ride MX and we hang out and talk bikes or one will bring his bike or his car we will tinker on something. Any reason to keep them hanging around is good with me.

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