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Airhead instrument connection question


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I have an 85 R80RT and the speedo with Tango Uniform. I removed the speedo from the speedo/tach/idiot-light cluster and am sending it to Palo Alto Speedometer for repair. When removing the large rubber connector in the back of the cluster, two of the female pins came out of the rubber connector gang and stayed attached to the pins. I easily removed them from the pins and it does not look like it broke a solder joint or a crimp, the end that came out of the rubber is concave and looks like it may have been just a "press fit". Anyone out there know for sure how these pins attach to the connector? Thanks

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Ok, here are a couple pics. The first is of the removed instrument cluster sitting on the bench. You are looking at the rear of the cluster and can see the large square area with the "pins" the the subject connector plugs into.


The next is of the actual connector on the bike.


Note that since my first post, I was able to "slit" the sides of each socket hole on the connector (lower right corner on the two missing female sockets and fortunately was able to then get some small pliars on the end of each wire and pull it out about an inch. I will solder new sockets (female pins) onto the wires and pull them back into the rubber connector then I plan to RTV the slits back together. Should work fine. We'll see after I get my speedo back and installed.

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OK John, now I see....


Ya did good.

What usually happens when ya don't wiggle the block back and forth enough is the connectors pull off..ask me how I know. :dopeslap:


Just remember the big rubber contraption is about being weather proof. Be sure you seal the cuts ya made... :thumbsup:


Oh, and I used a touch of NoAlox on each pin connector..



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