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Handy Lift


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I got this lift for a song from my now defunct BMW dealer. I find out that Handy Corp. has sold out to another company due to (I think) cash flow problems.




I had ordered a wheel-vise from an independent company on Oct 23rd before I found about the Handy company woes. I have been patiently waiting and so far nothing. That company has been very good to me communication wise and offered to refund my $$ twice if I didn't want to wait any longer. I figure starting over would only take longer as they tell me they are in contact with Handy and are promised the product soon.


Has anybody recently ordered anything from Handy with any success?

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Why not just bolt one of these to it:


Wheel chock


It would work better than the wheel clamp method if you put the bike on single handed. It will be a whole lot cheaper than what Handy will want as well. Just drill a few holes.

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Stay away from that chock...I mounted one on a trailer and it's only good for more narrow tires ie: dirt bike width. Sides of the axles will also hit the sides of chock when the bike is positioned in it. 19" diameter "minimum" wheels will work better.

Even tho it has adjustments for *wheel catch", it still was a *PITA* to unload/retrac the front wheel,and it never really sat right in the cradle.

Like I said,geared more for a dirt bike use.



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Dewayne Harkov

I have a Handy Lift also and to be honest I never use the vice. I just put bike on centerstand for just about everything. If I'm yanking on stuff, I'll put a tie down around center stand to front wheel so it can't collapse or tie bike down if necessary but that's it. Enjoy your lift. They're great.

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Thanks guys. I was contacted by the seller and per his conversation with Handy they have 42 back-ordered vises and will not manufacture them. WTF? I wanted black but he has a red one he will ship to me Friday.

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I must say that your lift looks so much better than the one Wurty got. I guess the difference is that his had Harleys on it :rofl:


The BMW shop had 4 lifts when they folded and since I inquired first I got the lift from the display floor that held all the Ducatis and such. It had never been in the shop area. Not quite that clean anymore.

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