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What to look at when buying a F650GS


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I'm looking at an F650GS as a commute motorcycle, and waned to know what I should be looking for as far as the condition it's in.


I own a '99 R1100rt and I know I can expect 100k miles out of it; should I expect the same kind of miles out of this motorcycle?


Does it have transmission issues like the M97 in the RTs?


Please let me know any thoughts you have at all; this will only be my second motorcycle, and any input would be helpful so I don't do something stupid.

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Jacqueline probably has 100k on hers (an '05 I think) by now.


It has been everywhere, twice.


That is the highest mileage I personally know of.


Have seen people ride it 2 up to Alaska from Florida, and back.


Takes a while to change the oil (75-90 min), sprockets, chains, other stuff depending on where and when it falls over.

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My 06 twin spark single has been one of the best bikes I have ever owned, and I am in my 43rd year of riding.


40 K is the medium age at which the water pump becomes suspect. Some go much more, a few less.


Were I you, I would go over to the Chaingang site. They have several threads on F650 longevity with several having over 150K miles on them. They also have one of the best and most complete troubleshooting and FAQs sections I have ever seen for a bike.

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I'm riding an 02 GS over here in Affiker and like it a lot. Sweet and fun machine. Handles a lot different than the RT, though which will take a bit of getting used to. You'll find yourself venturing up all sorts of roads and trails you'd never have considered on the RT....accross fields chasing horses, even.

Plus 1 on the Chain Gang site. If you get the bike, join. They are a great group. Very helpful.

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Anyone have any thoughts on how long you can expect the transmission / drive train to last? I think I have enough wrenching skills to fix anything else.

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As long or longer than any other BMW. By that I mean they have chain drive so no FD issues; wet clutch so they will last longer than the Boxer that gets abused or gets oil on it. If you put a 17 tooth front sprocket on to aid in high speed freeway travel, there will be more slipping of the clutch, so leave the gear ratios alone for your commute. Other than that the clutch and tranny seem to be a non issue over the long haul with many going over 100K without clutch or tranny trouble. Oh, there is the issue of syn oil. the factory says not to do it, but guys do, so if you run syn oil, you MAY get clutch slippage or not. Don't say you weren't warned. All in all it has the reputation of being so reliable, many folks have ridden them around the world.


Edit: Google "F650 around the world" and read for yourself.

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