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Can anyone suggest a campground close to the rally site?


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Hey everyone,


I would like to make the UnRally next year and would prefer to camp. Is there a campground close by? I know that camping onsite may be possible but just checking for options in case it isn't allowed?

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my first suggestion would be Mt. Mitchell state park. about 10 miles away as the crow flies. If they do not have anything, I would guess they would be able to give good suggestions.


Mt. Mitchell state park


Burnsville, NC 28714

(828) 675-4611

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I just made reservations for Mt Mitchell. Arriving on 8/6(Sunday) and leaving on 8/12(Friday). I called the park office and he suggested sites 5-9 if you wanted shade. No showers but they do have running water/toilets are there. I will likely purchase some sort of a shower system for use on this trip.

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In case you missed it in the other thread, we're almost sold out and should be able to start taking camping reservations at the UN site mid March.

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yeah I didn't see that. I'll probably keep my reservations until I know for sure that something onsite will be available. I also camp primarily in hammock tents so I may end up in the park so I can use my hammock. I don't know what the onsite areas may be like.

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