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Green Acres is the place to be!!!!!


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My children have very fond memories of their time in 4H. Every kid should do an animal project.



(I have two county fair livestock auction projects in the freezer)

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Couple is driving down a country the road and they see a pig with a prosthetic leg in a pen outside Farmer John’s house. As curiosity got the better of them, they stopped and asked Farmer John about the unusual swine. “What’s up with your pig that has the wooden leg” ?


John – “Oh we just love that little pig”. Once when the barn caught fire he oinked me awake and I got all the livestock out to safety with no loss of life. We just love that little pig.”


Couple – “Yeah, but what about the leg”?


John – “I told ya. We just love that little pig. Another time when the tornado came through, he oniked me awake and I got the whole family into the storm cellar. The house was destroyed but he saved our lives. We just love that little pig”.


Couple (annoyed) – “But what about he damned leg”?


John – “I told ya. We just love that little pig. We couldn’t eat him all at once”!


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My memories of pigs are a bit less prosaic, mostly involving multi-hundred pound sows that would take your hand off if you got too close to the pen. Still, the young ones are cute.


Pigs have one miraculous ability; they can turn slops into bacon. For that reason alone they should be celebrated.

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