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Nev. County Toy Run


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This morning the weather cleared, the sun came out, and about 3,000 riders (the Beemers you could count on one hand) gathered at the Nevada County government center in Nevada City for the 19th Annual Food and Toy Run. The "parade" of riders, led by Santa, took off about noon for the 10 mile ride through Nevada City, Grass Valley, finishing at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.





Staging at the Government Center, Nevada City



My sled!


The local cops had all the traffic blocked off along the route, which really made it nice. The streets were lined with families and waving kids. Janet tossed out candy canes on the way. It was a fun event and worth doing if you're in the neighborhood next December.



A small portion of what got turned in at the fairgrounds.






Happy Holidays!

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I don't know if my ear drums could take two in one day, but it was sure fun seeing all the locals lining the route, and especially the kids lined up at the fairgrounds, checking out all the toys as they came in.

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My daughter and I had a grand time, as we have in years past. But it looks like they had trouble.... Linky

It was great fun though...more BMW's than I have seen at like events though.


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Back in 1981 A friend & I did a Toys for Tots run. I really didn't know much about it at the time. We rolled into the parking lot where about a thousand Harley riders (wearing colors) were staging & getting lined up to roll out. Being young & dumb I thought why not start at the front of the line. (riding a Suzuki no less) Believe it or not, we were politely asked to get to the back of the line. NOW! :grin:




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