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Breakfast in Patagonia


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I installed a new windscreen on my old R80RT and decided to give it a short test run. I rode down to Patagonia which is about 60 SSE of Tucson on Hwy 82 via Hwy 83 through the Sonoita valley. It is about 13 miles from the Mexican border. Here are a few shots:


Enroute going through the Sonoita Valley:




Arriving in Patagonia:



Destination: Stage Stop Motel & Restuarant


The "prize":





Bottom line: new shield worked great, ride was outstanding (temps in the 60s) food execellent.

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Re: Breakfast in Patagonia


ha good one.


well not too long ago i went for Lunch in Mexico !

~ last summer i jumped on my bike and met up with my buddy in Mexico for lunch.

(actually we met in nearby Oswego NY :grin: )


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60 degrees, sun?.. Jeeze. here it is fifty and blowing the rin in sheets across the road. None the less I rode 150 miles round trip to breakfast this morning in Winchester Bay.


Nice photos, Thanks for the reminder there is sun somewhere.

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Somehow I thought mountains were bigger. Nice shots.


The mountain in the background is Mount Wrightson and is a little under 10K feet. The valley floor is is ~5K feet.

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