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Inland Empire/San Diego Friday?


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Anyone who read this post and wanted to go but wasn't sure, You missed a great afternoon.

Since no one wanted to go along, i got a few honey doos done in the morning, then head out at about 11am.

I left Lake Elsinore, gased up, and headed up into La Cresta and De Luz. I dropped down into Temecula, thru Rainbow, Rice Canyon, Courser Canyon, Lilac Canyon, Valley Cntr, Ramona, Hywy 67, I-8e to SR54 to Hywy 94 all the way out thru Jamul, Potrero, Campo, Boulevard, joined old hywy 80 to Jacumba, to the 98, to Co Hywy S2 all the way up to sr 78, back to S2 to hywy 79 and back home on the 15 from Temecula.


Wow it was nice. Beautiful weather. Nice pizza and beer for late lunch. All in All, 347 miles in a comfortable 7 hrs. GREAT day. Not quite a 1K day...but a very nice back country solo ride.

I will try to post the couple of pics i saw.

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Yeah, well that's all well and good for you in Temecula. I gotta ride 75 miles from here to there before the fun begins.

I had a Honey do too. Wife somehow put diesel in the car and I spent the morning getting towed to the dealer for a fuel-ectomy.

Now I gotta go pick it up when they open...O-boy.


Oh, the route you took is about as good as it gets for San Diego Co. :thumbsup:

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It was really nice. A very mixed ride with lower elevation mountain twisties, rolling chapparel country roads and some nice desert back roads that had some nice meandering turns.


Where you at? LA somewhere? You got Mulholland, Bouquet canyon and Angeles Crest...all some nice riding too.

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I live in Co section of Temple City/ San Gabriel. Do the Crest alla time. Bucket canyon loop to the cafe at the golf Course at lake Elizabeth.

Mulholland is kinda suckee most of the time. Nice roads and hills, just over grown and populated.

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