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Replacing windscreen on R80RT


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I bought a new and slightly larger windscreen for my R80RT and changed it out myself. Looked easy enough and the Clymer manual said to access the two central nuts holding the windscreen on through the parking light cavity after removing the parking light. All went ok except that once-again you need midget hands to get in there. I finally found a solution by making my own special tool. I took an 8mm box end wrench and heated it up with a torch about two inches down from the box-end and bent it 90 degrees. Worked like a charm. Still took a while removing the self-locking nuts because I could only get about 90 degrees per turn but after 15 minutes, both were removed. Putting them back on worked the same way once I got them started. I stuck them to my finger with some thick grease which held them in place until I got them started. It keeps you from dropping the nuts!! (somewhere down there is an 8mm socket I dropped and can't find :(

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Hi John!


For the re-assembly part these might have worked well:



Magnetic Gloves


And WRT retrieving the lost socket, on another moto forum some poor fellow dropped a wrist pin locking ring down into the crack case while trying to install a new piston.

He ended up hoisting the whole bike upside down from the rafters to get it out without taking the motor out of the frame.

Just saying... :)






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Cool Mikko, I've got to get a pair of those. I've always used grease but magnetic gloves might be better. Only issue would be the loss of some dexterity. Thanks

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For handling small parts in confined spaces, I have also had some success using a bit of two-sided scotch tape (with sticky on each side). Wrap a bit of the tape on the end of a screwdriver or a finger, and the small part sticks right to it. Happy wrenching.


This a slight hijack, but I love my Parabellum Air Balance windshield for my R100RT. Great product.



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My 93 RT is gonna need to have its screen replaced. Where do I look? Also the front panel is warped from time and sun; was getting that off much of a hassle? I may have a replacement from an eBay purchase.


They make a little magnetic stub that I use to hold a nut. On a small screw or bolt, I hang it fron the magnet and spine the magnet to get it started. Worked real nice on the butterfly screws in the Bings. Then finished it with a screwdriver.



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Doesn't matter what year airhead RT, same windshield. Parabellum, and this is from many hundreds of thousands of miles behind both the stock and the parabellum, is imho better. Stock tends to oscillate at certain speeds.

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