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Thanks much. After 53k, I guess it is time for a fuse to go.


Fuses shouldn't just "go" because of age. Look for a reason whenever you blow a fuse. The purpose of a fuse is to keep the smoke inside the wires where it belongs.

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I think that it may be my Gerbings heated stuff. I noticed a bit of a frayed wire to a glove yesterday. It is going to generate a call to the shop this AM.

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I called the shop and the service mgr said any auto fuse is good...no need to drive all the way there for something as easy-to-find as a fuse. Also she suggested that the bad cable on the glove is the possible suspect.

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So much for supporting your local dealer....



You are kidding right. Im gonna go 45-60 miles to purchase a $0.99 fuse when they have them on the corner 3 blocks away?


If my dealer is gonna stay in business because of my 1 dollar purchase that probably has a 20 cent profit margin...they got bigger problems than my FUSE purchase....If i need a fuse and im there i will buy them there, but im not driving to the dealer for a stinking fuse.


I doubt even our resident dealership owners/employees {paul M, tallman, justin} would even ask that extreme view from us owners.

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I doubt that they stock 'em anyway. Probably a 2 week wait for it to arrive from the fatherland.
Two weeks from the N. American distribution point. Five-Six weeks from the Fatherland, especially if you happen to order during the month of August, when Europe shuts down for vacation (DAMHIK).
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