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Experience With Heated Clothing Outlet?

Glenn Reed

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Has anyone dealt with these folks for your Gerbings products?




It says they are selling fully functional B-Stock items, under full manufacturers warranty. However, they say all sales are final and if you have an issue with functionality of a garment, you have to deal with Gerbings directly.


Their prices are about half off on the jacket and pant liners, so that makes it attractive, but I am concerned about the "All Sales Are Final" side of things.


If anyone has purchased through them, I would be interested in hearing how that went.

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Last winter I bought a GEN 2 (the old version) Warm'n Safe jacket liner on sale directly from them. It is no return/no exchange, but mine had a not working sleeve glove connection and was exchanged no questions asked. It is the version with heavy wires you can feel, but it does the job.



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I'd get it as long as you know your size. I paid 149 rally price.

Gerbing is good to work with if you have a problem. Call them and get a return authorization and ship away. comes back all better.

One would not have returned to the sales point anyway. Deal direct with the Gerbs.

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