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Newbie - Seeking Advice


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Greetings from the Great White North ( Canada),


Looking to move up to a cruiser or sport/touring motorbike. I currently ride a 1983 Yamaha Seca 750. I occasionally ride my buddies Honda VTX 1300 and its pretty sweet.


Trying to figure out which style suits me best. I have been looking at R1200C Series for cruising and like the look.


I like the R1150XX and R1200XX Series for sport touring.


Im picturing myself as mostly a local cruise type... short rides in the evenings and some day long or overnight trips occassionally.



A sport/tour style with quick release detachable bags may best serve my current wants and provide a base for future options.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I think you can carry more Elsinore Beer :thumbsup: with RT bags and topcase...maybe even Hosehead the dog.


On a serious note, the RT fairing could expand your riding season should that be a factor in decision making. With topcase, maybe even more for liners or heated gear storage.

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I rode both an r1200c and an r1100r prior to purchasing my r1100rt. They are all good bikes but I found the 1100rt to be by far the most comfortable. I live in the upper midwest so having a functional windsheild\fairing goes a long way to extending the riding season...

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Don't forget the consider the R1200CL, a bagger/fairing version of the crusier c model.

Prices should be bargain basement on those models since they were a bit polarizing in the styling department.

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I have owned both an R1200C and an R1100RT since 2000. Love them both and both are fully capable of taking you long distances with ease and in great comfort. I have actually made longer trips on my C than on my RT but the RT is much better for two-up comfort than the C. You might want to consider if/when you will have a passnenger and how much that passenger may choose to tag along. And as others have stated, the RT offers considerably better weather protection which might weigh heavily in your location. The bigest check in the plus column for the cruiser is it's uniqueness; they draw a crowd everywhere you go.

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Welcome to the Board. You never know, a long ride can become a week long ride very easily.


What part of the Great White North are you from?



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If you are looking for cruising the boulevard as well as some longer rides, the R11/1200R may be a good choice. Get a windshield for longer rides.

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re; On a serious note, the RT fairing could expand your riding season should that be a factor in decision making.



i would advocate the RT anywhere north of say middle Island Ontario (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Island_%28Lake_Erie%29) :)

motorcycle ownership is costly in Canada - the more you can ride the more you can amortize.

thanks to the heated grips and fairing my riding season this year went from March 18 - Dec 2 inclusive - (Latitude: 45° 25' North)

yes the 'tupperwear' does take some time to remove and install for service but well worth it imho.


other factors like styling and seating position are personal but important when it comes to picking your next ride. cant advise you on that other than to consider them.


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Welcome to the Board Philipity. :wave:


I can't really offer anything in addition to what has been said by others. I'd recommend test riding a few different bikes and decide which one you like best.

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Most dealers offer the demo rides, give a couple of bikes a try and note first impressions but also impressions of the last bike when you get on the new bike.

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