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Turn out the lights, the party's over......


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Just a couple things he said:



"I didn't vote for you, but you do have a nice suit on,"to Spiro Agnew when he visited the ABC booth.


On playing for Tom Landry: "He's such a perfectionist that if he were married to Dolly Parton he'd expect her to cook."

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Slight hijack of my own thread.


I started watching MNF back in the mid '70s and got to enjoy Howard, Dandy Don, and Frank in the booth. To me, that was the standard that's been lacking lo these many years and never will be matched again.


As a Broncos fan I used to laugh with glee when the Denver TV stations would run snippets of Bronco fans who would assemble at a bar near the old Mile High Stadium to watch MNF. The bar owner would put customers' names in a hat for a drawing to shoot an old TV with a shotgun at the first sight of Howard Cosell. The Denver PD notified them that it was illegal to do that so he simply provided the winner with a large brick. Same intent, same result. Bronco fans didn't care much for Howard back in the day.... :mad:

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