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Newcombs Ranch Closing


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Went up the hill to find the Newcombs Ranch had been closed down by the Health Department. Bar Keeper said the boss was going to close in a week anyway due to poor attendance. No customers. Angeles Crest is not yet open from Mt Wilson to La Canada.

So no place to get coffee between La Canada and Wrightwood. Phooey.

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That's a shame, but I supposed it was inevitable... :P

Maybe some enterprising Taco Truck owner will park up there on the weekends and feed the squids.

Probably too much to hope for... :cry:

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Sorry to hear this but I also thought it might happen due to the front side of 2 still being closed and the power lines to Newcomb's are not in place yet, making them use a generator.


I'll still be going up and stopping but I'll miss having lunch there.

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What a shame...another victim of the fire....Newcombs was just getting good-refurbished, a decent menu-generally a nice place to hang out during a mountain ride.



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Tony, I don't think Daren was suggesting that Newcombs would be waiting to the crowds to reappear. He was talking about the boss closing, dead, ain't no mo, we be gone, fence off the parking lot closed.

That's not good.

Of course if we all wrote the good Dr. and begged him to get the health department off his back he's reconsider...Nah.

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Tony, I'm eating CROW on this. Apparently the Health Dept gave them the keys again and it is open. My internal source seems to have spoken out of turn.

So, I fugged up and will forever be known as Chicken Little.

So go take a ride and hopefully the lights will be on for you.

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I expect to see some unfamiliar faces and bikes up there Sunday morn bright and early then. It's one thing to celebrate Newcomb being there and another to brave the early morning sun in the eyes and actually support the place.

Come up before the Latte crowd and the squids and cruisers.

Go out to Sunland and up Big Tujanga, wunnerful ride. It shouldn't even be cold. It's 54 degrees at Chilao and the sun isn't even up.

See yah....

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Well, ya know, the roads to Newcombs are open, just not the lower portion of Hwy 2 from Mt wilson to La Canada.

Newcombs hours are wed-Fri 10am, Sat 0800 and Sun 0700.

Hwy 2 is open from Wrightwood but is a bit rocky and icy according to those that came through that way.

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Soon is good, LA times ran the same article. When I check the Cal TRans site each morning, it's still saying closed. The LA county site does not show any activity on the roads it is responsible for in the Angeles Nat. Forest.

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There have been rumors that ACH was opening on Monday, the 20th, and I planned to be one of the first to check it out. Today, however, almost all of the roads in the area are closing because of a serious storm moving through. So, it may be after Christmas before the lower portion is accessible, and that is assuming that there is not new damage from the present rains.


It must have been really hard for Newcomb's the last couple of years, even with some insurance money that let them scrape along. If the present ownership throws in the towel, sooner or later it will reopen. In good times, there is just too much recreational traffic up there for that choice spot not to be profitable.

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