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Gift Wrapping Available


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This post has absolutely NO motorcycle content.


While in Delaware last month, I discovered the joys of a no-slam toilet seat (a lot of engineering must have gone into this), and asked for one for Christmas. My wife ordered it gift wrapped from Amazon, and insisted that I install it NOW, as a 40th anniversary gift, rather than waiting until Christmas morning to unwrap it by the tree. Priceless.


This answers the question I never thought to ask, "How do you gift wrap a toilet seat?"



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I am actually asking Santa for a toilet for Christmas. Not sure how it will be gift wrapped though.

Both of my commodes have the no slam lid feature. Great invention!

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I never thought of a toilet seat for Christmas butt now that you mention it, what a great idea. Can you imagine that at least once or twice a day, you will be thinking about the person that gave it to you. How about a talking toilet seat :rofl:

BMWST has the coolest people.

Talking toilet-Instructions

Enter your name on the keypad

Enter your Weight

Now Enter 1 of 99 prerecorded messages to hear.

Talking Toilet can identify you,

and then corresponds all messages chosen specifically by that user.

Thanks for Trying Talking Toilet and dont be afraid to talk back if you would like to. All conversations are held in complete privacy.


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Speaking of crappy. Did you know that the first concept and installation for a valve released toilet or water closet was actually not invented by Thomas Crapper but by John Harrington in 1596. I don't know of any other persons name who has received more attention and derivatives than Mr. Crapper.

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