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ESA for 2-up riding


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Hi, everyone. I apologize if this is a truly dumb question, but y'all are a wealth of knowledge.


My wife and I each weigh about 130 lb. Should I set the ESA on our '10 R1200RT to two helmets when riding 2 up or leave it set at one helmet?


With a manual preload adjuster, the amount of preload I would crank in would depend on the extra weight. How does the ESA know how much preload is appropriate?





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The system has no clue how much weight is actually on the system. It works off of preset values determined at the factory.


Based on your figures, I would venture that one helmet and luggage would be suitable. Try it and then try two helmets. You'll be able to determine the feel subjectively thereafter.


Also, play with the damping within each to find the optimum feel for the two of you.


The one up scenario is set around a rider at 185 pounds.

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I tried last year to get some indication from BMW as to settings as they relate to rider weight. I got a 'just try different settings and see how they feel' response from customer relations. I tip the scales at 240 - 250, and am sure the single rider setting is intended more for a lighter rider. Moving to the 2 rider position seemed to work best, however, that doesn't leave anywhere to go when riding with gear and or a pylon.


I ended up riding mostly on the 2 rider setting until I replaced my ESA shocks with Works ESA and had those built to my weight. Now I operate it in the single rider mode with riding solo.

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Thanks for your replies, Phil (1bmwfan) and "workin them angels."


A break in the rainy weather in NorCal today allowed my wife and me to take a short ride (~100 mi) together. We started out on "one helmet." About 35 miles later, I pulled over at a turnout and changed to two helmets, which gave me a scare because the bike didn't seem to stop rising and my toes would soon be off the ground! So I quickly switched to one helmet plus luggage and the bike settled to a height that felt to me like it does set at one helmet when I'm riding solo. The rest of the ride was at one helmet plus luggage, and this felt right to me.


I must tell you that my wife was a very good sport about it when I told her that the bike thinks that she's luggage, and not another helmet.


BTW, I heard from Ted Porter that Wilbers has shocks for ESA now. I really liked the Wilbers that he put on my former R1150RS, so I may do that for the RT in about 50 k mi.


Thanks again.



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