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Intermittent will not turn over


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Having another issue with the R1100RT...this one goes like this.


Always cranks and starts first time starting for the day...turn off the key and it will not crank. All the lights are on EXCEPT the Green Neutral light. I though it might be the side stand switch so I cut the wire and spliced them together and it still does not turn over.


If I leave the key on for a few seconds...the Neutral light comes back on and then it will turn over and start.


Also the gear indicator is not working but sometimes will show the 3 regardless of what gear I am in.


I am thinking the Neutral safety switch??? I know I have read abbut the lazy N light before.


Thoughts anyone???

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There are two switches that will cause you problems like that. The first is the netral switch. With a bad N switch you should still be able to start the bike by pulling in the clutch. If not, you also have the second problem, a bad clutch switch. You can replace it or cut the wires and wire them together. Most people leave the neutral switch alone since it requires removing the swingarm to fix.


As a note, if both switches fail you will not be able to start the bike at all. In that case, you can turn on the key, pull the starter relay, and jump hole 2 to hole 6 with a thin piece of wire. You may want to try that trick before you have to do it in the rain at night.

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Clutch switch it is then...even if I pull the clutch in it still will not turn over.


Where is the clutch switch and how hard is it to replace?




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