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Auxiliary Above the Fuel Tank Extensions???

Super Dave

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I saw an auxiliary fuel tank once that mounts to the top of the stock gas tank like a tank bag. If I remember right, you remove the filler tube and cap, bolt down the extra tank where the filler tube was with an O ring seal, then move the filler tube to the top of the new tank. No tube, no valves, no pumps and you can always go back.


Does anyone remember who was making those?

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Hi Dave


Welcome to the forum! Lots of great people around here and lots of great advice ;)


Why would you need an extra fuel tank, since the rt has 24 liters of it and gas stations are every couple of km's nowadays? Are you planning a trip to the Moon? :)


And I don't think that a aux fuel tank on top of the one you have would help the bike stability on the road. You would get the center of gravity higher. My RT fell down because the original fuel tank was full and the sidestand entered like 3 cm inside the ground.



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Morning Dave


I have seen a couple of homemade tank additions something like you suggest. That type of fuel addition seems a little dangerous as there would be a chance it could shear off or partially separate in an accident. I doubt any of the sanctioning bodies would approve that for IBA or the like.


In any case you must have reason for wanting one so if you find or make a unit like that just remember that the original gas tank vent is then below the top of the fuel level so fuel would just run out the tank vent on the lower tank. To eliminate that the tank vent would have to be moved to the top of the upper tank then properly baffled and should be quipped with a rollover valve.


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If you search back in this forum a year or two, there are some threads with pictures of auxiliary tanks that others have made to sit in place of the passenger seat on an RT.

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I dont personally like to ride more than 300 miles anyway without a stretch break, sip of water or a picture of something. Just carry a gallon or something in a side bag, and add it in at a stretch stop.

There are all kinds of certified, seal fuel containers out there. Look in dual sport forums or Adventure forums.

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