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tire pressure monitoring

Bruce H

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Anyone able to explain BMW's tire pressure monitoring system? The book says the pressure is calibrated at 68 degrees. What exactly does that mean? What happens if I fill the tire and it is only 50 degrees? Does this system display a pressure corrected for operating temperature or does it display the actual pressure? Would I be able to see a pressure rise during flight? Currently I am (2010 GSA) using 36/42 and only getting about one pound rise. If it displays actual pressure then mine is too high for winter conditions.

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I'm sure any dealer would be able to answer this in a heartbeat. :grin:


My understanding (and it could be wrong) is the recommended tire pressures were determined at an ambient temp. of 68F, and the display is corrected for current ambient temp. Mine always showed higher pressure after it was ridden.


I would not stress over this at all. Fill the tires to the spec'd pressure and ride! Regardless of ambient temp. :thumbsup:


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Thanks Bob, wasn't stressing just wondering what I should see on the display. If I designed it I would have simply given the pressure in the tire at the moment.

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It is temperature compensated - ie - it shows what the pressure would be if the tire air was at 68F (20C). It's not "ambient" temp that it's compensated to - it's the air temperature INSIDE the tire.

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