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Scala Rider G4, wha ya think


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I've got the teamset but, my team hasn't ridden yet...just me.

The FM receives only the strongest of signals. That's ok for my commute though. Long ride I need to setup either the corded MP3 or MP3 bluetooth on the new telephone.

Bluetooth phone works surprisingly well.

Doesn't fit real good in a Multitec.


Sound level automatically adjusts to ambient level.


Revzilla has a discount somewhere on advrider.com for these in the sub 300 range for the teamset.

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Hi Nate


I can’t help you on the G-4.




You might want to check out Web Bike World’s comparison tests (Google it). They seem to be rating the new entry Sena SMH10 as a better unit, easier to use, better sound, and at a much cheaper price.


I think it boils down to what you need it to do or expect it to do. The Sena doesn’t seem to have the ability to do a 3 or 4 way conference or multi helmet streaming from the same source but otherwise looks quite impressive.


In fact I am seriously looking at the new Sena SMH10 myself as it uses a basic (pretty cheap) helmet base assembly with the Bluetooth control removable and installable into any of the pre installed helmet base assemblies. I use a verity of helmets throughout the year and for different bikes so this would allow me to install (rather inexpensive) baseplate) and in-helmet speakers on each helmet then quickly transfer the actual Bluetooth receiver between the different helmets. They also offer a special base plate that accepts their basic Bluetooth receiver and can use plug-in ear buds (for use on short police helmets or for people that want to keep their existing uplevel ear buds but still have a stereo Bluetooth with on-helmet easy to use controls.


Might not do all of what you want but if it will it looks like a nice and cheaper alternative to the G-4.


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Here is what I hope to accomplish with the bluetooth headset; stream stereo from my droid, receive phone calls when necessary, communicate with the wife riding pillion and comms with my riding buddy(s). I had not thought of the flexibility D.R. talks about regarding moving the unit between helmest or option of using ear buds.

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Evening Nate


Web Bike World did a comparison on the latest Bluetooth helmet devices. The comparison pretty well compares the features and what units do what.


There is the this first part but there is a 2nd follow up on WBW somewhere. The first part is in the link below, you will have to search for the 2nd part.




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I have the G4 Powerset. I have used them on two long trips for bike-to-bike and for bluetooth GPS voice commands. The G4 simply works. The bike-to-bike range is impressive and the batteries last all day.

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After a little research and discussions with my riding buddies ,including 2 that have the Scala G4's ,we went with the Sene SMH-10's.

My first use was on a 5-day ride to the San Mateo's motorcycle show and I could not be happier.

I was very impressed with the clarity and range and the fact that they can connect with 3 other units. Music from my Droid streams very well and has great volume.

And they mount just fine on my Multitech helmet.

As to the G-4 Scalas, I have zero experience but they seem to be very popular.

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My experience so far indicates wind noise is a show-stopper, especially at higher speeds. (My configuration is full-face helmet behind windscreen). I'm looking at the Sena, and even they allow that noise increases at highway speeds and can be a problem. How was your experience in that regard?

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I bought the Blue Ant Interphone last year and have used it for long rides with a fellow rider. Check it out - it's waterproof, both units charge with a single plug, and the sound quality is great.

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After reading the Sena SMH 10 review I purchased one. Installed it last week and paired it to my iphone 4. Great sound and as stated in the review, the controls are easy to use with gloves on. :thumbsup:

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I've had the Sena for about 3 weeks now. Couldn't be happier. The kicker for me (and what I think may sway many of those on this forum) was that it can be used while charging. I had about 11 hours of constant use battery power out of in on a long ride, and being able to plug it into the charger meant I could use it for a full 18 hour day of riding.


Of course, that only matters to those of us crazy!stupid enough to do LD rides, but it was great. Paired with my iphone 4 which I also charge while riding and my buddy's Sena. Intercom sound quality is the best I've heard, though of course you don't get the range you get with GMRS.


As for road noise, I use Arizona Al's ears for audio, and the Sena was the only unit that allowed for plugging in earbuds. Actually, THAT fact was the kicker for me, the charging was icing on the cake.


A single push button allows for iphone voice control, allowing you to change playlists or make calls on the fly.


Overall, I'd highly recommend the Sena unit.

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