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'11 RT Low - Kontour vs Russell Day Long - experiences?


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I'm limited on the options I have due to the design of the Low Suspension seat. I've sent e-mails to all the "custom seat" companies, and those two companies are the only ones who can modify my stock seat. This is what I've gathered so far.


Kontour - I like the material they use to cover the seat with. Here in Ky, most of the riding season is hot and humid. The padding material they use seems like it'd be comfortable. Their claim is no additional height added to the seat after the build.


Russell Day Long - I'd be getting the "Sport Seat" version. No springs, just replacing the padding. But they can add a adjustable drivers backrest, which is something I think I'd really like. Leather, Vinyl or velour options for seat covering.


I've seen a Kontour seat. I really like the material they use for covering the seat, very breathable according to the owner. And the padding is comfortable. NO experience with the Russell seat, but I"ve read a lot of good reviews on them. Not sure if the Sport Seat version is the same as far as comfort goes.


I'd appreciate anyones experience with either seat, preferably the Sport Seat version or Kontour seats in general. I've read where the owner of Kontour can be difficult to deal with, but my friend had nothing but good things to say about the customer service.


Thanks in advance for the info or advice.


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Tried both. The Kontour three years ago on my RT. It was better than the stock seat. Had some issues with the fit and finish but the company issued a partial refund , so I fixed it myself. I sold the RT and recently the seat. Now I have a Russell on my 1200GS. I can't say enough good things about the seat and the service. The seat was built on a low pan but it raised the height at least 1 1/2 inch. That's a disadvantage when you have a 30 inseam. However, I live with the height and got used to it. The amazing comfort outways that disadvantage for sure.

Here is my post from a little while ago on that subject. LINK


Good luck with your choice. Hope this helps.

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