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gerbings glove liners


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I know you're not supposed to, or they advise against it, but can you plug gerbings gloves into a synergy jacket liner? Have others done it? The plug is the same coax connector.


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Morning Terry


Just being able to plug in is only half of the problem. Not all brands get along on the same required current input.


I have been playing with the new Powerlet glove liners (on loan from a friend). Those things are really-really warm and work exceptionally good. Unfortunately they work so good I can’t seem to get them to get along with the settings I use on the Gerbings jacket liner and/or heated insoles.


If I run them on the same controller channel as my jacket liner I have to turn the liner heat down too far for the liner to keep my body warm.


If I run them on the same channel as my heated boot liners same thing I need to turn the boot liners down too far to keep my feet warm.


What I would need to use the Powerlet glove liners with my existing equipment would a 3 channel heat controller or find a way to add resistors to the glove liner circuit.


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This is true. During my winter gear test for MCN, I discovered that some materials (say, EXO2's FabRoc) took half the current of Gerbing's Microwire or W&S resistance wire to achieve the same or higher heat, in less time. In practice that meant if you're controlling an EXO glove through a Gerbing's liner on the same control circuit, the gloves would get way hot way fast and the liner wouldn't even be warm yet.


Mixing and matching isn't so much a problem of connection as it is of material. As DR said, the solution is to independently control each garment, or live with it to a certain extent.



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