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new to me R1200ST


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so for the few that know me, I had my R1100RT for 11 years. many great miles and lot's of tech days. For a couple maybe 3 years now I have wanted a change. my wife told me to get a new bike, and I would keep saying when the R1100RT is not reliable I will. Well 11 years and 110,000 very hard commuting miles and the damn bike just got better. Every year I would think certainly this is the year it will start to be a problem.Well it was running stronger and smoother than in year one.


As chance would happen an opportunity came along to pick up a R1200ST. I loved the looks and technical specs of that bike from day one. So my R1100RT is gone, and around August 1 I picked up a 2005 R1200ST.


When I get a new bike I tear it down almost to the frame and learn it hands on. So after three months of putting it back together (no left over bolts or nuts) and adding the necessary commuting items, and knowing the rule "without pics it did not happen"




Also included in the pics is the new to me 2006 Dodge 2500 4X2 diesel Mega Cab. I had ridden in Dave Bakers similar truck many years ago, and for numerous reasons I wanted the 4 full door large cab layout.


So now I can commute on the ST, and trailer it to rally's in the mega cab. :-) I am set.

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your right about the mini bike, I have a small 1999 KX 60 dirt bike, it would easily fit. I am 6_5 and have the drivers seat all the way back. Someone sitting directly behind the drivers seat was 6_3. His knees still had about 6" until the back of the drives seat. My wife is 5_4, she can literally lay across the back seat from door to door almost fully stretched out to take a nap during long drives. Because I commute on the bike 90% of the time, the truck only starts up to take bike trips. So towing capability and people comfort were the only two deciding factors.


Actually the color has grown on me. originally I was looking for the grey/silver combo.



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So now I can commute on the ST, and trailer it to rally's in the mega cab. :-) I am set.


I didnt think they would let you into a BMW rally if they found out you trailer it... :rofl:


Congrats on the new bike

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10 years ago I used to ride to everything. It was nothing to hope on the bike and ride the highway to most anywhere I wanted to go. But about 5 years ago, I just started to get tired of highway, and even back road riding, for the sake of getting to "the destination" So I trailered to the UN V in gunnison, CO. it was great, no burning up tires from GA, to CO. rested when I got there. And I went with two other riders so we just drove straight there, no stops, so saved about 3 days vacation. two years ago did the same thing, trailed to San Fran, then rode to the UN. Rode all the way up the coast, then over to wyoming and SD. Then got the bikes loaded back onto the trailer and drove back home non stop. Now, I trailer most places. This past summer I trailered to Wytheville, VA. The left the truck and trailer at the motel. Rode local roads to the WV friends and family rally. Basicaly, get there fresh, ride the local roads, load the bike back up and drive home. I guess as I get older and fatter :-) the trailering bit makes more sense for me.

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We had the same lst summer from the UN.

3 days to do nearly 3,000 miles.

Wasn't going to happen 2 up on the GT.

Truck and trailer did the job and we had a great trip out and back, wonderful time there.

No trailer, no trip.

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it is amazing if you have drivers who can drive at night ( I know not everyone can) how far you can go in say 24 hours.


basically even with fuel stops and food stops and occasional stretch stop, 1,200 - 1,400 miles is possible


from Atlanta, that means basically any state in one day. with me limited vacation days, and so many far off places to ride, trailering became a necessity.

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I did all the driving.

Beth did a great job of telling me how to.



Did you have any issues with hubs heating up?


I know this is a hijack but it was my first time trailering, let alone 6,000 miles and I constantly monitored them.


Wondering if the prolonged high speed caused any concerns?

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+1 - Towing is the "New Cool" ;)


The Un was our first "tow trip" and we enjoyed it.

The best thing was Deb's Subaru Forrie (with a Thule box on top),towed the Kendon/RT combo with zero issues and averaged 22mpg for the trip. We always ran the limit towing and were regularly at 70mph plus!


We'll be doing the same to Spring Torrey next year..... :thumbsup:


And as far as hub temps.....we used to tow with our RV and I regularly monitored hub temps on both the RV and the trailer. Never an issue plus I also use Mobil1 synthetic grease :thumbsup:

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thanks so far I love it. I just need some Z-technic guards, and I am getting conflicting info. some same they will fit, same for ST, RT and GS 2005- 2007


some say no the ST was not included. if I could get that straightned out, I would be rocking and rolling. Oh also need it to warm up above 32. this low 20"s crab in Atlanta sucks.

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i do not monitor them on the trip. but i do the regular maintenance in between trips. I will say my tire size on my trailer is the same as most common SUV or mini van's. But just slightly smaller than my truck. So not as big a difference as some of these trailers that have much smaller rim size. I think in that case you may have a bigger concern.

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Check with the Z-technic site. If they say it will not fit, it's probably the tupperware interference. Solution would be a "notch" in the plastic.

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Basicaly, get there fresh, ride the local roads, load the bike back up and drive home.

Will get you labeled as a WHORE(We Haul Our Rides Everywhere) in some circles! I've been there myself. At age 50 I decided my rear end had paid enough dues over the years. Over twelve 700 mile days on a Moto Guzzi LeMans for example. I started the trailering to where I wanted to ride therefore avoiding long but, necessary interstate rides on the bike. I too like the rested when I arrive and when I return home feeling. :grin: I too like saving my tires for the curvey roads I really enjoy, like the Blue Ridge even though I did ride there this year. Trailered my R1200ST(anti-high jack element) to Canada earlier in the year.

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I just need some Z-technic guards, and I am getting conflicting info. some same they will fit, same for ST, RT and GS 2005- 2007


I have a GS and an ST and I might be mistaken, but I can't see guards fitting both because of the plastic. We've put an ST-specific guard on ours, the SW-Motech:



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thanks for the pic, it looks great. I was really wanting the Z-technik, but it seems it will not be. At first it did not seem like the Z-technik interfered with any plastic at all, and the GS has much less, and the RT much more plastic than the ST, so if they fit both the GS and RT, I was thinking (logically) they might fit the ST.

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