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Backround Check SS #


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It depends.......Do you trust them enough to work for them?


There are several reasons for requesting a SS #.....ie: making sure you have legal status, background check to assure you are not party to a lawsuit, run your credit report, etc.

In any case, you would need to supply your information in order to be hired, so I would think the risk would be minimal. Now, if they also want your bank account #s, run.....Run away!

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Is it safe to give any employer or prospective employer all that info that we do? I still can't get over folk putting it all out on Monster.


As for SS#, that at least you are required to give an employer, and most ask for it at time of application. I wouldn't worry too much about that.


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They should provide you documentation of what they are going to do specifically. For example recently in Illinois the law was changed that credit ratings can't be used in evaluating someone for hiring.

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