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Riding Pants Recommendation


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I have been eyeing the Revit pants lately. The Mistral model is the pair I am looking at and that seems to fit your description. I cant testify to them from personal use but after trying them on, they fit better than most for me. I just need to lose a bit more weight.

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Many out there that meet your criteria if you are willing to put liners in. I never could see the sense of the versions that require liners to be waterproof (some of the BMW stuff). I wouldn't want to stop on the roadside and take my pants of in the rain to put the liner in. Given a "always waterproof" pant, then "cool in the summer" is a problem. I think Olympia may have a pair with vents with waterproof zippers that may fit the bill but I haven't tried them. I use the Bellstaff pants that are totally waterproof and warm in the winter, but not "cool in the summer".

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Do you need them before your friday ride? lol


It would be nice, but not essential. I'm now looking at Motoport, but those are custom made, so that's not going to happen before Friday.


BTW, with 484 posts since September, you're not going to do very well in the annual "Miles per Post" survey particulary if you keep passing up ride invitations.


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What about CHAPS? you could be macho man in the leather chaps on the road and one of the Village people around camp. A stand out in the restroom!

Go for the fringe too, it's so, ahhh. :rofl:

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