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DFW to Austin Toy Run-Saturday Dec 11th

Yeeha! Stephen

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Yeeha! Stephen

The Second Annual Run to the Lone Star BMW/Triumph Open House and Toy/Food Drive.


Other motorcyclists loyal to "The Company" have had the Toy Run thing sewn up for years. Last year I put together my own little run down to the Austin Open House. I packed some small toys for the younger kids and some cologne and body spray type stuff for teenagers and rode down to the dealership and joined in the fun. This year, with the bad economy effects still lingering, giving is needed more than ever. I'm going to try to do my part to put a little dent in the bad situation.


Feel the need to spread some Holiday Cheer? Join me!


Did I mention there will be something in it for us? Heh! Lone Star is providing FREE lunch! Check the green notice on the front page http://www.lonestarcycle.com/


Plus, we get to gawk at Bike Stuff! Whoa Baby!


Here's the scoop:


Pack up a couple of new, unwrapped toys and a food item or two and meet meet me at...


McDonalds on US67 and I-35 about 8:00am-ish... Stands Up at 8:30


(Eat first if you don't like Mikey D's... I'm gonna have something there.)


Ride some backroads down to Lone Star BMW/Triumph and dump our loot and visit some, take some pictures, and grub on what ever they have for chow.


After free food, I'll head back home on I-35 (yuk!)


What Say? No need to respond, just show up.


Stephen Slisz

Bedford Texas

817-354-6408 messages at home.


Riders near the Austin Lone Star shop... just meet us there!



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Yeeha! Stephen

"McDonalds on US67 and I-35 about 8:00am-ish... Stands Up at 8:30"



I-35... West.


The Alvarado end... not the South Dalls end.





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Yeeha! Stephen

DFW folks! That's you too Angel!


Our route to Austin is attached.


Pick us up along the way if Alvarado is out of your way!


Long range forecast says it might be in the mid 70's Saturday near Austin!




You gotta RIDE!


Down the Road!





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Yeeha! Stephen


Had 9 bikes show, nobody crashed, dumped a bike, had a flat, or got stranded.


Rode down on all backroads to stay off of I-35. Same thing on the return trip.


Ran across some of the usual Texas Suspects... Limecreek Greg, and SW Steve McKinley.


Weather was perfect. Short sleeve weather down in Austin. Last year I rode down in a light rain and the front parking lot was barely full. This year the was no place to park! Bikes were in the drives, along the streets, in the lots of the neighboring businesses... all over. We parked in the walkway, just cramming our bikes in wherever they would fit.


My Camera is junk and I only got a couple of usable shots out of it, but I borrowed some from other places...


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