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assortment of cue sticks for "friends"


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I just purchased an 8 year old used pool table. I need to buy a few (say 5) assorted cue sticks for when guest come over. I am wondering if anyone has experience/suggestions on the length. junior sticks are 48" / 52" most adult are 58" This is just a 'play' table mostly for me and my son. maybe for when the guys come over to change a tire we will play. nothing fancy. I am thinking basic solid stick maybe 2 52" and 3 58"

The table is level, seems to play well with good action of the rails, and I had new felt put on by a professional.


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did not think of dicks. I was there this past saturday, will go back and look. Yes for general good play and durability I do like cuetec. but Dick's is a great suggestion. thanks


and no, I have 4' - 5' all around the table so shorty cue probably not needed. maybe need to use the junior stick in one corner, but that is about it.

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