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new 2010 RT


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Hello All,


I purchased a new 2010 RT this month and have a couple of questions (the bike has about 400 miles on it now):


1. I am having trouble with the oil gauge. It is giving me the "exclamation point" instead of the OK. I checked the sight gauge and it looked like the bike was delivered with a bit too much oil (the sight gauge was full.) So I drained a bit of oil out and the retopped it so that it was nearly at the top, or so I think. The (!) went away for a while, about 1 hour, now it is back. So I'm wondering what the oil level should look like in the gauge - 1/2 way, 3/4, or nearest the top as possible. I'm thinking the oil level is still slightly high, but want to keep the highest safe level possible without overfilling.


2. I notice a slight lateral tug on the front wheel when I apply the brakes. Is this the ABS kicking in?


3. Also have the fuel strip problem - mine was DOA at delivery. Really hate seening the yellow triangle on the display all the time. Is there a way to disable that until I can get the fuel strip replaced?

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It is important to have the bike fully warmed up (short ride should do it). Then put it on the center stand and wait ~ 5 minutes and check the level. Anything between half and all the way up to the top is fine. You need to get the dealer to address the the oil level indicator when you take it back for the fuel strip change. The triangle with exclamation point is not just for oil. It just says "check your displays". Low fuel will also give the triangle plus several other items. Your owners manual should explain all of this.

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The tugging may be a hung up caliper. My rear brake hung up and did wear on the disc. Mechanical linkage problem. It would be difficult to tell on the front though because the brakes are separated by a few inches. Not like on a car where the wheels are so far apart.

Best go to the dealer and get your new toy fixed properly.

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