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Firstgear Expedition Suit


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My winter jacket was looking pretty beat and had a damaged zipper, so I've been looking for a replacement, and have been thinking about trying a one piece suit... make that a budget priced one piece suit. I'm sure the AeroStitch suits are awesome, but my budget doesn't allow for that right now.


I started looking at the one piece suits on the market for about $500, but really wasn't impressed until I found the new Firstgear Expedition Suit. I found a Youtube video that shows the suit in great detail and went and ordered one. Got it on sale at Cycle Gear for $450.


The biggest seller for me was the venting. This suit has more (and better placed) vents than any other similar suit on the market. Last month I did a 500 mile ride in sustained 85 degree temps and was very comfortable. Thats about my upper limit though... hotter than that and I'll be wearing my summer jacket.


This week I've worn it down to 31 degrees. The suit isn't lined, so you're on your own for under layers. Overall it does a good job at keeping the wind out, but the stretch panels on the thighs do let some cold through... not sure if that is because they don't have the same insulation properties as the rest of the suit or if they let a slight amount of air through them.


I wore it in moderate rain last week and stayed completely dry. It has an integrated rain hood that you wear under your helmet, but I haven't tried it yet.


I bought the Large size. The upper half fits me just right and the legs are a little long for my 29" inseam. I'm 5'10, 195, 44" chest.


So far I'm very impressed with the quality and I'm very happy with the purchase. If you're in the market for an less expensive one piece, I can definitely recommend this one. Also if you're on the fence about trying a one piece suit, do it.




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Does it have access to run the Gerbing power cord out of it. That is the biggest problem with the Olympia Phantom Suit, which is quite a bit less than this suit.



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This may be a bit of a hijack here, but very related question.

Has anyone used the Firtgear Thermosuit? I am not looking for an all weather type of suit. I just want something for really cold weather and if i get caught in the rain. Are they comfortable at all? What are the drawbacks to the Thermo suit based on my needs?


Im not looking for armor, or alot of venting, or all weather wearability. Simply for warmth and rain protection, and really cheap price.

I love the expedition and the Aerostitch stuff but i havent worked since June so it is tough t o justify a $450.00 or higher purchase for a recreational purchase.

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