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Probably last ride of the '10 season...


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...Made it up to 60F today, had to get out and ride the new toy. Ran down and visited a buddy - it was just the excuse to get out.


Haven't quite figured out what it is about the 1150RT that tickles me. Let's face it, the factory exhaust sounds like something that Vespa could have put out (if they made anything w/ that much displacement, /grin.)


The transmission was designed by the same folks who's great grandfathers probably did tank transmissions ('clunk, clunk, clunk' as we shift gears) back in the 40s. There are faster bikes, cheaper bikes, bigger bikes, and ya know what?


I like the RT an awful lot all the same. Think I'll get some electrics and see how far into the winter I can ride. /grin again.

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Sorry to hear you're giving up for the season. :cry:

I understand it. When I was much younger I used to ride on the old bike as long as the roads were dry, bundled up like the Michelin man. The day my fuel line froze was a problem, though.


Well, I'll ride for you. It's supposed to hit mid-80's today prior to the cold front coming through. Mid to upper 60's tomorrow. I'll enjoy it enough for both of us. :grin:

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naah, I've got leathers - that worked on my KLR650 down into the 30s. Can't imagine what the fairing will do for that. Rode it home the other day from the shop w/ the Florida tags on it (had been in the shop since I got it home). 34 degrees, and you would not believe the looks I got from little kids in mini-vans...


Oh yeah... who had the idea for the servo on the brakes? It sounds like something out of Star Wars.. oh, and the throw out bearing sounding like half a bucket of marbles in a cement mixer doesn't inspire confidence until you've heard several and the owners say 'they all sound like that'. /grin.

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Haven't quite figured out what it is about the 1150RT that tickles me.


I live in snow country also. When I switched from my Concours to my RT, I went from about 6000 miles to 12K the first year. Just can't help it. Way too much fun to ride.

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