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Catalina Island Fever


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Has begun.

Not the on the island, need to get off variety, but the get to the island to see the Grand Prix variety.

The first in 52 years, and it may be the last one for the next 52 years.

This coming Saturday and Sunday, 12 races.

Racers range from ages 8 years to 76 years.

There appears to be a far greater turn out than anticipated.

But there is still a slight possibility for reservations.

Bikes began to ship over yesterday and all will be sent by tomorrow. There are some excellent vintage machines that will race.


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Wish I still lived in Long Beach, CA I would have been there. :thumbsup:


I lived in Long Beach from '75 - '79 (stationed at the Navy Ship Yard on Terminal Island). I had a 30 foot power boat and made the trip to Catalina often.

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Some friends are already there with their bikes that'll be racing and eight of us are heading over tonight for the fun.

Can't wait to be a part of this, unfortunately I won't be racing but it'll be a blast watching my friends and all the rest of them.

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I'm going this morning.

It's going to be crowded. People are coming from all over. San Diego, Seattle, one from Paris is going to ride a 1967 Triumph.

The vintage and classic bikes are something to look at, let alone see them race.



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If I know about this ahead of time I would be.Never been to Catalina Island and that would be a great excuse to go.Take alots of pix and we that can't will enjoy them.

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Check Adventure Rider, d37, and facebook. There are many photos. I just posted some on Advrider.

There are 6 or 800 bikes. They were in line for 2 hours to get gas.

It looks like one of the biggest weekends over here in a long time, and I think the money will exceed their best expectations; therefore maybe it will happen in future years.


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Thanks for posting. :thumbsup:


Brings back wonderful memories of riding my Yamaha RT1 single back in 1972 over the mountain trails of Guam while stationed there with the Navy.

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