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ipod on RT


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Hello All,


I am new to the forum and also have a new 2010 R1200RT, great bike.


I'm trying to connect an ipod shuffle to the bike's USB/mp3 connector in the "glove box" but the bike is not recognizing it.


Anyone else have this problem and if so what's the solution?

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Though I don't know this first hand, I was just in the local dealer asking about just that exact thing. The dealer indicated that they have adapter plugs for the various devices to allow different devices to be found. Give 'em a call and see if, in fact, this is true and what they may have for your shuffle.

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Thanks for the response,


the bike comes with a USB/mp3 adapter in the glove box, which makes this even more annoying as all I should have to do is plug it in and it should work... but, no


I'm at a loss at this point

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Just went through the same thing on my 2011RT. It takes a special cable, part number 61 1 120 44 0812. Retail price 69.72. After you get the cable the I Pod works great. You would have thought for a 22K motorcycle they would have included a simple cable.

Just realized you are talking about the Shuffle. Not sure about the Shuffle. The part number I quoted is for the standard i pod.

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thanks Lou,


I located the part and if I understand it you plug in the mp3/USB end into the BMW prewire in the glove box and the other end into the ipod, right? If so my shuffle won't work as the only input is 1 mp3 outlet.


I located a similar product for half price here:



pioneer CD


looks like I'll have to upgrade

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