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3:30pm West Coast time I became a Grandpa.

My grandson Oliver Bruce, 8lbs, 22inches

hale and health and my daughter tells me, "He's absolutely PERFECT!"


Pics to follow as they eventually come in.

The wife and I will be flying out Saturday to see the little rascal.


This is gonna be fun. :)

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Big congrats Mr. Eagle....I hope to be a Granmpa some day...I loved being a Daddy {still love it} and I know being a gramps will be just as fun someday.....



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The very best part of your life has just begun. Life as you knew it will never be the same.


Obviously the cutest grandchild, ever!


Congrats to all.



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Nut'n beats be'n a grandpa.....Ok, radwife says be'n a grandma is pretty darn good.




My first grandkid, when one pair of sunglasses are just not enough..


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