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Help with TPS part #


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Rebuilt my TB's on R1150RT. During the project, I lost a part, a wire retainer. I can't find the part number to order another. Here goes the description: On the throttle position sensor on the LH throttle body, there is an electrical connection on the under side of the TPS. The plug is held in place with a U shaped retainer, made of spring wire. I lost that U shaped retainer.


I've looked through parts fische and I can't find it. Can anyone help? For the higher IQ of this group, my applicable SN is ZE89229, mfg date 07/02.


I have an hour in to searching through the parts fische, with no results. If anyone has such part in their "spare parts", let me know and I'll buy it from you. A part number will also be highly appreciated! Until then "zip tie" is my applicable part.

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Afternoon Mike


That wire retainer comes as part of the connector and I haven’t ever seen one listed separately.


That 4 terminal Bosch connector is VERY expensive if bought from a BMW motorcycle dealer. Some up level auto parts stores can find that connector for you but it won’t be an easy thing to find. My local (re good old fashion) auto parts store has a book with pictures of all their available connectors and terminals. You might see if your local auto parts store has the same thing.


That same Bosch 4 terminal connector is used in a lot of automobiles so maybe try a car dealer or automotive junk yard. Maybe even try Beemer Boneyard.


That connector is also available on-line from some of the terminal/connector suppliers if you can match it up from pictures or find a part number on your plastic connector body.


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Does the connector stay pretty tight w/o the clip? Maybe a dab or two of adhesive on the back side? I wouldn’t get to shook about lack of the clip if the connector stays in place.

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Does the connector stay pretty tight w/o the clip? Maybe a dab or two of adhesive on the back side? I wouldn’t get to shook about lack of the clip if the connector stays in place.

"Zip tie", for now, or maybe forever if I can't find the retainer. The plug slips off relatively easy. I'll probably stay with the zip tie method. It looks like it's not worth the effort to find the OEM retainer.

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Morning Mike,

I havent seen the clip you are talking about personally, but if we are talking about a circlip here like what holds wrist pins inside of a piston, there are inside circlips and outside circlips, there is a company called Dorman, they make all kinds if E clips, circlips, snap rings, nuts, bolts and automotive hardware.


Any decent auto parts store will have access to them. If this is just a groove in a shaft that needs a retainer, Dorman will have something that works.

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Just make another one out of some elastic steel ;)


BTW, you don't ever need to get those clips off the connectors. Just push them in and then unplug the connector. When re-connecting, push the connector back and it will "clip!" back in ;)

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Evening Mike



If you want to spend the money maybe stop by your BMW dealer and ask to see Repair Connector - P/N # 83300409690 (REPAIR CONNECTOR-4 P S). I believe that is the correct BMW 4 pin TPS connector.


It isn’t cheap though at something like $32.00+.


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I think i would try a wrecking yard like BB. But the way that a squared C clip like that locks is on the sides. You could easily use some tie wire or small gauge like 16-18g copper wire. Wrap it around the plug use some linemans pliers to pull the wire tight and twist it. Do NOT over twist as it will fracture the wire or possibly even the plug connector.


All it needs to do is have a piece of wire along the sides of the connector to hold the ears of the male end from pulling out.


Free fix and easy. You will just need to clip the wire and replace it every time you remove the plug.

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