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RT idling poorly


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My 2010 RT, purchased brand new in July and now with 7000 miles has been idling poorly. The problem is intermittent. Most of the time it idles fine. From time to time it really seems to choke at idle--it oscillates from about 1500 RPM to 500 RPM and then often quits.



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Check with the dealer about the cam position "reluctor". A finger of metal on the end of the upper right cam that tells the computer where the engine crank/cam position is. It is a factory recall. Some had the keyway cut wrong. Causes poor idle and poor running. Also, make sure you have the latest software. There were some early 2010 RT's let loose with poor software from the factory and an update was sent out. Hope this helps. A new bike keep on your dealer to fix it. The bike is great when all is taken care of.

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