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Apply WriteRight Screen protector to GPS? To much extreme heat to use?


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I was going to put a Fellowes WriteRight screen protector on the face of an older 2720 GPS to maybe help cure a jittery screen, but it says not to use in extreme heat. Isn't the blazing sun in temperatures in the nineties considered extreme? I have seen a freinds GPS screen a tad messed up with one of these on it. I'm sure others have done it. What were your results?

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Not sure what brand I have, but I've had one of those clear protectors on my gps for a couple years, no issues. Without it, the screen got all scratched up.

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Jittery screen on the old Streetpilots is usually the kiss of death. Happened to two of mine....


If you find a fix, be sure to report it so others can benefit...

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Tell me about it, this is my forth. I have to many bikes and a car wired for two 2720's, his and hers. To get a new style unit will cost me, so I buy refurbished from ebay. Getting harder to find, and they don't seem to last long.

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