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2008 RT New Shocks

Paul In Australia

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Paul In Australia

Well I have the new Wilbers on. Got about 300 miles on them yesterday. Really good. Very noticeable difference. The bike feels very planted even in light drizzley rain. Ride is softer as well.

Now we have to get down to some serious testing of settings to see what suits me the best. Keep you posted.

best regards


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Aye, I fitted a pair to my 57 a couple of weeks back. Fantastic ride now. The bike is so planted and turns in exacly where I wanted it to. Gone is the harshness that used to fire me out of the seat, I really do like em, I find even more excuses to go riding now.

I never realised how poor the OE shocks had got.


I've actually got a spare almost new rear Wilbers on eBay at the moment as well ;-)


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Shock damping action starts to degrade the minute you pick up your new bike. It's slow and insidious, and may happen faster or slower depending on your riding style and roads. You get used to the lesser performance and adapt to it, until one day something makes a little light come on. (no, not on your dash). For me, it was my wife's riding style on her 07 RT with ESA. She gradually rode the twisties slower, with less confidence, and just didn't enjoy it as much--and said so. When I jumped on her bike one day (from my 07 with Ohlins) it was downright shocking! :eek: I needed "Sport" setting for almost any conditions and even then it seemed to be just a hard ride without much damping action.


20,000 or so miles on her RT at the time. I traded it soon after on a new '10 GS.---with standard suspension, which is now just about toast at 6K miles. True, that someone else might get on my GS now and say it feels fine to them. Perception is part of it.

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