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Better late than never!


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I lost the USB cable for my camera, so I had to order a new one.

It finally arrived so here's a couple shots from my trip to Death Valley.


On my way up the Caliente/Bodfish Road, I came around a corner and found half a dozen cows in the road...


Unfortunately I was too slow getting my camera out and they were all off the road by the time I got a shot off...


I didn't get any more pictures before I got to Lake Isabella. I was just having too much fun to stop.

I was looking for a place to stop for a bite to eat in Isabella and as I came to the Moldy Mac's I spied a GT in the parking lot so I pulled in there and met Brian who was waiting for Coarsegold Kid Joe and some others.

I thought it might be fun to wait and ride the rest of the way with this bunch.


While we sipped on coffe and waited, A fella rode up on a bike I've never seen in person before, though I have lusted after one.




He introduced himself in broken english as Valerii Kryshen from Ukrain. He is on a "Round The World" adventure.



This map is on his windshield.

He even has a website. Vallerii's site


He had just left Death Valley that morning, (traveling mostly on unpaved roads) and was haeded for Los Angeles and then the Grand Canyon. He just stopped into McD's to use the wifi to email his girlfriend and Mom back in Ukrain.


I didn't get a chance to stop and take more photos on the way. (Although I have this morbid fascination with Trona... What a sad place...)


But here's a couple pics I got while I was in Death Valley.


The view from Father Crowley overlook (down the dirt section :D )



Stopping for gas in Darwin :S



Final stop on the way home.




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Ya sure picked a great way to get there....and how many people do you know that can state they've been to both Darwin AND Trona? :rofl:


Glad we hooked up with ya, see ya on the next one :thumbsup:




Don J :wave:

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Nice photos!

I see the Russian skipped on Alaska ?? Tsk tsk......



Seems he's skipping a great many places. He also decided to skip the northern part of his U.S. ride. He felt it was too late in the year and wanted to avoid winter weather as much as possible, so he's taking the southern route to Florida and then back to Mexico and south from there.

He is skipping Africa because he feels it is too dangerous in many parts.

Still... I was impressed with the young man. I also envy him...

He is seeing more of the world on two wheels than I am likely to ever see.

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Nice photos!

I see the Russian skipped on Alaska ?? Tsk tsk......


That's cause he "Can see it from his house" :dopeslap::rofl::rofl:


I wonder if he could get me Bristol's autograph from DWTS!!

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