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Guild Astrocrat M-75 Acoustic Electric guitar needs repair


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I thought I'd ask the collective because some of you probably know the answers. What are your thoughts and insights on such a restore. I have an old Guild Astrocrat M-75 Acoustic Electric guitar. It was built in 1958. It was my first and only guitar purchased used when I was about 12 years old. I rocked with it until motorcycles and girls got my attention. I sold it for a Yamaha and now it's is back. It sat a long time. I might strum it from time to time as purely an acoustical guitar.

Over that long time the white(plastic) trim has separated from the body and needs to be glued back on. What glue should I use?

The trim has gotten brittle and shrunk some. It no longer fits the exact shape of the guitar and maybe about 3/8 of an inch short where it slips in behind the neck where neck and bottom of the body meet. If it could be heated, softened and reshaped I might try that. If it's a little short I could live with that. However if new trim the proper length is available and not to expensive I might do that instead. What would you do?

One last item is the rear pickup was replaced with one that doesn't fit the original placement cutout in the guitar. If some kind of trim is available to cover the exposed cutout I would think about doing that. What kind of pick-up it has is unknown to me but it is chrome. I think a pickup of the same shape as the original would be preferred to make it look better.

If you know where components for this semi-restore can be located please let me know.


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+1 on Tonys' recommendation. I think your model is worth about 8-10 thousand dollars in mint condition. So If you send it down to Norms, remember its worth keeping as opposed to selling it as damaged for a dealer to use some of the parts on a better condition model. I dont know enough about this guitar to offer any advice. Wish I could help ya more.

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Ah, from the days when a Guild was a Guild.


There are a couple ways you could do this.


1.) Yourself. In this case, pick up a copy of Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide. This will start you down the road of techniques used for repairs for the guitar. For spare parts, eBay is your friend, and likely the best place for finding exactly what you want.


2.) Professional Luthier. This is your better option. Here is a current eBay listing for a Vintage M-75 Aristocrat M75 Auction. Current bid is ~ $1100. If you can get recommendations for a good luthier or repairman (not the same things), you are ahead of the game.


If in decent shape, you have a very nice instrument there. Take your time. Research local luthiers and repair shops. Have fun with this; you'll be glad you did. And get a case for it if don't already have one. If you have the original case, do NOT toss it away. Get it fixed if you can. Most vintage guitars increase in value dramatically if you have the original case to go with it.

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jOE -

I've got a guy here locally that I play with : he is the master.

I can have him call you -

Give me a jingle and get you two together if you'd like.


PM me for my phone #

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I'll second the Professional repair. Making a DIY mess of it would really make you unhappy and instruments are not like deck repair. The pro's have the tools and procedures to do a proper job.


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A little off topic but I hope you have insurance on your axe. I got it on all of mine and the insurance company required an appraisal. I couldn't get anyone local to do it so I went through these guys.



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