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Renovation works -


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Hi, I thought I would post up a few photos of my R1100RT project. I purchased this bike a couple of months ago as I have been looking for a RT within a price range I could afford. Fortunately this bike came up on ebay and amazingly in the same town (in the UK) so had to get hold of it!


The bike is a 1996 bike with around 112K on the clock at the moment ,







So after a couple of thousand miles of enjoyment I have pulled the bike in for some renovations and farkles to make it just right! the list includes Aux lighting, Garmin GPS, Autocom, full service and trying to cosmetically improve some of the tired bits of the bike.


Step 1 was to remove the tupperware and see what the bike was like under the covers, fortunately its in ok condition for the mileage, apart from a few patches of rust on the frame.




So job one has been to strip back bits of the frame to the bare metal in order to take the rust off and re-finish to stop the rot! Took quite a while to get to some of the areas around the back of the frame. I refinished it with Hammerite rust inhibiting primer followed by some matt black to try and match the colour. Hopefully the work done will fend the rot off for a few more years of use!










Next job on the list is to get a GPS bracket made up for the dash and to start wiring in some auxiliary circuits in order to provide power for some aux lights.


I am going to try and track my own progress on here so hopefully it will come together!

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Hi Simon

Looks like you have a large good & well light workshop to carry out the work, intrested in to see more information and nmages on adding additional lights. :wave:

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It looks like he has the electronic equipment as well to give it a MRI exam! You folks in the UK have way more patience than I do. Any rust would have me running scared into the night. Good Luck with the project.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

re: Aux lights, I really like the Hella Micro DEs for augmenting the low beam (which is HID BTW), and then cheap Wally World driving beams (hung on highay peg brackets) on 100W H3s for augmenting the high beam.

vvme.com HID kit for Bi-zenon was the source for HID.

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Hi Guys,


Unfortunately the workshop is not mine! one day hopefully I will have my own!, I am borrowing some workshop space off a friend of the family who has kindly lent me the space!.


Pickers, I am planing on mounting the Aux lights off of the oil cooler some how - currently at the planning stage so trying to figure out the best way of dropping the mounts by the oil cooler but keeping them tight to the bottom of the fairing in order to reduce the chance of the front mudguard dislodging them.



The rust was not too bad it looks like the bike had a leak of battery acid at some point with out a decent cleanup. All the rust was located around the battery tray and had some distinct drip marks along the frames.










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While you are looking at the frame, take a look at the wire loop on the sidestand and the foot lever where it joins the center stand. These are common points of failure that may need to be re-welded and painted...

Have fun!!! :thumbsup:

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Hi Guys, well today saw me bolting the RT back together rather promptly before my next work assignment! it has been some interesting days wrenching with this bike trying to revert a few years of modifications and bodges of previous owners in order to get the bike back to a good standard.


In closer inspection the original rear shock looked pretty bad, the bike rode well but it really looked like it could of done with a change







so it was promptly swapped out for a new Hagon unit that was coated in ACF50 and then inserted in replacement of the old unit. At the same time I replaced the torque arm for a good second had unit, the old one had a distinct lack of silver paint!




On a electrical front new auxillary sockets, Autocom outlets and Garmin Cradle were fitted and now provides the centre of the bike in terms of music, phone and navigation. the bracket provides no vibration and holds the GPS just were I need it.




after bolting all the farkles on and commissioning them, I took the bike out for a throttle body balance and discovered the previous owner had balanced the throttle bodies by screwing he left hand idle adjust screw all the way in and the right hand side most of the way out!


so the bike had to be rolled in to strip the bodies and investigate the cause! After some head scratching and copious amounts of carb cleaner squirted in the idle adjuster cavity and the injector cavity the throttle bodies along with greasing the throttle rockers I was ready for a second go at a balance.






and fortunately the copious amounts of carb cleaner worked and I managed to get a nice compromise of balance at idle and at 3.5K. Before I buttoned up the bike I noticed the external fuel filter as fitted by someone else was interfering with the right hand throttle rocker so off came the tank again and I set about reinstating the fuel filter as the manufacturer intended!! fortunately the original hoses were left in place making the job nice and straight forward.




well thankfully this morning everything was bolted back together and ready for a quick road test before getting the bike valeted and machine polished to get some marks out of the paint work!


the road test was great the bike was nice and smooth and picked up much stronger than I previously remember so I guess the clean out of the throttle bodies and balance has done it wonders! unfortunately about 5 miles in to the ride the clutch started slipping :dopeslap: so when I have time that needs a urgent investigation! the bike did not exibit this behaviour previously so I am hoping it is down to a badly adjusted clutch cable :S


Thanks for reading!




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Nice work ;) I really enjoy reading posts that have pics in them :)


A friend of mine that owns an RT mounted his aux lights on the oil cooler and he then took them off as he said that when he hit a pot hole, the lights damaged his front wheel fender.



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Nice job mate :thumbsup:


Yes! Before thinking about getting a wallet hernia, a quick check that the clutch cable is adjusted properly at BOTH ends should do the trick (hopefully!)!


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From the look of that shock, I'd say that your RT spent some time sitting in a shed in the garden before you got it. Looks like it's coming together!

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Hi Guys,


thought I would check in several months later - been really busy with my work, I have just launched my own engineering consultancy so have been working hard in the last couple of months to get that off the ground, apart from that the RT has been great .................


well apart from one thing! I ground to a rapid halt on a Motorway around 100 miles from home, after getting the bike recovered and some excellent help from AndyS managed to find out my (re)fitted in tank fuel filter seemed to have lost it's fuel feed hose!


Thankfully now all done and the bike is back in service! although never a dull moment - he starter motor needs removing and cleaning due to a sticky Bendix!

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