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Mapsource and maps on multiple computers


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I have a legal lifetime Garmin maps version for my Nuvi 765t. I have Mapsource and the maps loaded on my main desktop computer. Am I legally allowed to load Mapsource (free, so I assume yes but correct me if wrong) and the maps on a second (Netbook) computer? Or can the maps only be loaded on one computer per license? Or is the limit on the maps related to the GPS unit?


If I can, what is the easiest method to do this?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you can load Mapsource and your maps on more than one computer. I have mine on my iMac and my netbook. The restriction relates to GPS devices. You can only load your maps on one GPS, unless you buy another unlock code. My maps are on a DVD, so I simply loaded them using the DVD (it contains Mapsource as well).

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You can also download it by saying download the maps I already have again. Then choose Download to computer only. Unlock by telling unlock wizard to retrive unlock codes from your account.

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An update: I tried downloading Mapsource directly to the netbook, but error message along the lines of something like "Previous version of Mapsource not found" and the install would terminate.


Internet search suggested loading a different Garmin Program, Training Center for Windows, and then installing Mapsource. That trick worked.


Then tried to install map set, but it requested connecting the GPS unit, which I did, but it never completed.


Moved the GPS unit to my laptop, and when I tried to update the maps, message indicated the a new version of Windows NET was required. That downloaded and installed and the updated maps are being loaded on the laptop right now.


So, I think on the netbook the maps might not have loaded because of the Windows NET version or some other reason.


Question: Once the maps download to the laptop could I just copy that folder and add it to the netbook? If so, what is the folder that the maps are stored in? Could it be: drive:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Garmin\Maps?


Any other trick to copying maps and moving them to the netbook? Could they be copied on a thumb drive and moved to different machines?


Again Thanks in Advance.

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Morning pokorskij



When you download the Map update to the first computer you need to select both COMPUTER and DEVICE under the ADVANCED TAB (At Lower Left On First Page) Do not download the Map update until you locate and understand that. Make sure you only select the Map area that will fit on your GPS device. It’s getting to the point that ALL of US, Canada, and Mexico won’t fit on most GPS device’s internal storage.


Then run the Map update (probably only lower US will fit on your device). After the download is complete then verify that both Mapsource and Device (GPS) are updated to new mapping.


Next plug your device (GPS) into your “netbook”, make SURE the correct Device (GPS) is shown in MapSource, it needs to be the main device not the devices internal card. Then start the Map update download, then find the advanced button again. For this download select COMPUTER ONLY not the computer and device.


There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of computers you can download Map updates to as long as the same (legal) device (GPS) is hooked up to the computer/netbook/etc you want to install the map on.



There is another way by finding the updated Map on the first computer then transferring that to the second computer or netbook but that doesn’t always work without some fiddling and the risk is higher. Try the above direct download method first.


Personally I NEVER download the Map update to the computer and device but ONLY to the computer(s). Then I open MapSource and use the Map selection tool in MapSource to select the Map area I want to install on the device (GPS). That is usually about ¾ of the lower U.S. Then after that is installed on the GPS I go back and use the Map selection tool again to select the remainder of the Map and send that to the SD card in the GPS. That leaves plenty of room in the main GPS for stored tracks, route re-calculations, lots of stored routes. This depends on your GPS though as some have a very large internal storage. My Zump 550 seems to operate best with only about 1 gig of map installed on the main unit with the remainder of the mapping installed on the SD card. On my 60 CSX I install the entire map and supplemental maps on the SD card.


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it's not mapsource, but the map update for your GPS that you should select with the option "download again."

In the next step select "download to computer only."

That will give you mapsource without looking for an older version.

Unlock by selecting "retrieve unlock code from internet."

(I just did this to a new computer after the old one commited suicide)

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