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CAUTION: Do NOT do what did, tonight!


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It was a long Saturday at the pharmacy, standing 9 hrs and encountering the ususal round of (mostly pleasant) customers. So, my ride home, on the toll road, was a welcome source of quiettude...until....some fella cuts 5' into my middle lane. I felt it neccesary to express my displeasure by flicking my brights directly behind him while we entered the toll area. He then moves over and slows down in the inside lane. I recognise, immediately, that this guy is deranged and wants to up the retalitory ante, and I slow accordingly, staying 30' behind him, in my lane. I pass, he follows. I accelerate and try to lose him in traffic. He's persistant and continues to tail me with his brights for about a mile. "Ok, schmuck. You've made your point!" I mull and I pull off at the next exit.

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Flicking your high beams is another form of a middle finger extension. This is why I don't like modulators, but that's another thread. Unless you are prepared to play the game of Road Rage do not provoke the transgression by escalating it to another level.

Let the boorish, idiotic, moronic drivers have their way. When you are on a bike, you will always lose.

I've investigated many RR incidents. When I speak with the "victims", they end up sounding like the suspects.

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People are such idiots.


A couple of weeks ago we were on the ramp getting on the highway. There was a car in front of me and I quickly moved over to the outside lane. I held back to let the car that was in front of me get into the same lane I was in. I noticed that he was running out of merge lane and in fact he started driving on the shoulder. I put my hand up and motioned for him to get over. I rode behind him for about a half mile to the next exit where he got off and starting slowing down. We were going straight and as we passed him I looked over and he gave us the frigging finger. I was being nice and holding myself and traffic behind me back so he could get on the highway and he gives me the finger! It took me by surprise and in a split second decision I figured there was only one thing I could do. I gave him the finger back!!!!


Sometimes I get so tired of being the nice guy!

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I'd have, & have done, the same thing.


I ride with broad shoulders. Most of the sheeple here will highly disagree, but that's only because they haven't the cagones to do it.


You'd be surprised at how people back off when you don't give way.


This is not to say I never back off. A man has to know his limitations, & I recognize them when necessary.

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You forgot to leave work at work and not pack it on the bike.

When we get on the bike to "escape" sometimes we overf react to perceived intrusions.

This real intrusion wasn't life threatening, apparently, and it seems common when approaching toll plaza for vehicles to merge.

That would be what I expected to happen and would be happy if it didn't.

Next time be glad you're riding, leave some more space to ride in and after going through the toll area put it behind you, literally.

Best wishes.

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"....I was being nice and holding myself and traffic behind me back so he could get on the highway ....."


"No good deed goes unpunished".........


I have the same thing happen very often when I'm pulling a 33 ft trailer behind my truck, as I plod along at about 63 mph....I like to get over when I see a car on the ramp joining me on the highway slow lane but ONLY if there is no one in the inside (fast) lane within a half mile or so. Otherwise I try to help by just keep my speed up, or slow down, depending on where he is on the on ramp. Other wise the joining car seems to keep pace with me in the slow lane, with me in the "fast" lane, both of us holding up traffic. You'd think the guy joining the highway would be smart enough to pace himself to safely merge, but that has not been my experience at least 50% of the time. So I rarely yield when I have the right of way; I think it's unexpected behavior on our part that sometimes causes a problem.


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